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Gospel Artists

We primarily target gospel music artists of all styles. Contact us for more information.


Branding is our specialty. We help you to become the best billboard for your market.

About Us

Whether aspiring new artist or established veteran, the artistic and business team at Salathiel Records is committed to help turn dreams into reality. A reality rooted in success, hard work and a proven track record of not only getting your music out in the world, but also heard and sold.

Why Salathiel

Our focus and expertise is the inspirational, gospel and Contemporary-Christian (CCM) music space. We know the music industry, understand what it takes to make it, and are positioned to give you everything a quality record label can offer … at a value and cost that makes sense.

Independent or Major

As the boundaries and benefits between “independent” and “major” record labels continue to blur, production values, distribution, marketing, sales, and integration and expansion to digital platforms are no longer selective or optional, but a critical requisite to ensure success for both the artist and label. Our team understands this, has the right connections, experience and tools, and is ready to
work for you.

Affordable and Success Driven

We are a proven platform for artists, producers, songwriters, musicians and others involved with the business of creating and promoting world-class music that not only gets heard, but is produced, marketed and distributed in a cost-efficient manner.

Our Commitment

Tasked with creating great music, the Salathiel team doesn’t just invest in you, but are a vested stakeholder and partner committed to your long-term success.