Johnny B … transforming the world through hope, inspiration and salvation




With humble beginnings, and a personal and professional mantra that proclaims “I can,“ the artist affectionately known as “Johnny B” is gifted singer, producer and composer authoring striking melodies and inspiring songs that convey a clear gospel message of conviction, inspiration and hope.

Lauded by fans, peers and industry influencers, his artistry, vocal stylings and musicianship have effortlessly crossed boundaries and genres bringing him broad appeal and support from global listeners and fans of all kind. As reflected in his music, Johnny B cares deeply about our world and humanity, and is doing his part to both inspire and encourage people everywhere. Spreading a musical message of hope and salvation, his current project, “Songs For The World To Sing,” convincingly conveys his never wavering belief and conviction in the power of hope – and that hope is in Jesus Christ.

Never forgetting his modest beginnings, embracing a personal testimony of grace and mercy, Johnny B aspires to be a musical change agent that empowers other artists, writers and producers to embrace their own message of hope to transform a world and (music) industry that too often “moves the finish line” and views success through a blurred lens.

Evidenced in his latest single, “The Greatest King,” Johnny B is committed to sharing his good news story of hope, inspiration and salvation found in a personal relationship with the King of Kings. “No matter the gift or talent, I encourage everyone to step out on faith, embrace their gifts and pursue the great destinies that await them.”

Lending a helping hand and encouraging others, Johnny B gladly assists with mentoring other young artists providing counsel, critique and production support for several new artists located in various parts of the globe. Ultimately, he wants every person, no matter where they are from or what life challenges they face, to get onboard, add his mantra to theirs and proclaim to the world … “I can.”




Songs For The World To Sing

  1. 1. The Intro featuring Pastor Olus Holder

  2. 2. He Rules the World

  3. 3. All Over the World featuring Landlord & Myles Monroe

  4. 4. The Greatest King

  5. 5. Step Out On Water

  6. 6. I'll Make It Through the Storm

  7. 7. God's Got It featuring Shawn McLemore

  8. 8. He's All I Need featuring Erin Cortez

  9. 9. God Almighty

  10. 10. Strong Tower featuring Vincent Powell

  11. 11. The Way You Love Me

  12. 12. Lord You Been Good to Me

  13. 13. In the Morning featuring George Powell