Bill Moss, Jr. ... Honest … Open … Transparent (“HOT”)




“I do this to impact lives … to effect positive change in people … to encourage somebody. If I can’t do that, then I don’t want to do it.”


Detroit is home and birthplace to some of the greatest names in music history. An heir to that legacy, and armed with a mandate to transform lives, Bill Moss Jr. ascribes to a simple, selfdefining acronym that uniquely describes his artistry, gifting and passion: “HOT” – Honest, Open, Transparent. While others have compromised style, convictions and gifts for the sake of “entertainment,” Bill remains committed and determined to champion a relevant and inclusive message that exudes integrity, passion and inspiration reflective of his journey and calling in music ministry.

Birthed into a music dynasty, Bill Moss Jr. is an accomplished artist blessed with an abundance of gifts that have deservedly catapulted him into any discussion on today’s top worship leaders. Eldest son of the late Bill and Essie Moss of the legendary group “Bill Moss and The Celestials,” brother to James (aka “J Moss”), nephew to the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, and cousin to music icons Karen Clark-Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Elbernita “Twinkie” Clark, Jacky Clark-Chisholm (the world famous “Clark Sisters”) and Kiera “Kiki” Sheard, his pedigree as a musician, writer, producer and psalmist is second to none.

A lifelong Detroiter, to the surprise of few, Bill began his professional career at an early age. Partnering with younger brother James, as young teens the dynamic “Moss Brothers” were a winning duo writing, recording and performing together throughout the Metro-Detroit region and beyond until the time Bill began his studies at Marygrove College, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in music.

Despite early wins and success, Bill has not been exempt from personal struggles and disappointment. When mentoring young musicians and aspiring artists, he is quick to remind them that success didn’t just come overnight. Under the tutelage of his aunt, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, honing his craft meant countless hours of practicing scales and progressions. Notwithstanding the training and preparation, his own disheartening experience before a live audience serves as a teachable moment to singers and musicians everywhere that dedication, commitment and preparation is paramount.

In every facet of his ministry, Bill maintains a non-negotiable standard of excellence which not only raises the bar, but also makes it easy to bring out the best in those around him. Inclusive and respectful, he’s always had an aptitude for connecting with others, as evident in his songwriting, performances and role as worship pastor at Third New Hope Church in Detroit, where Dr. E.L. Branch is senior pastor.

That passion and love for his church family is further showcased in his Salathiel project – "Songbook of Praise & Worship" LIVE with Third New Hope. A live recording with the Third New Hope Sanctuary Choir, this electrifying, cross-generational praise and worship showcase is filled with infectious lyrics and arrangements that worship teams everywhere can embrace and adopt. Produced by Bill and featuring 13 dynamic tracks, several special guests are showcased including brother J Moss. The album’s lead single, “Celebrate Our King” is a compelling call to worship that quickly rose up the gospel charts. His first solo project, “Manifested Favor,” was released nationally in 2008 and debuted at #27 on Billboard.

In demand and sought after by peers and others, Bill has also recorded and shared the stage with a host of award-winning artists including Hezekiah Walker, Kelly Price, Karen Clark-Sheard, The Clark Sisters and Byron Cage. He’s also collaborated with other renown artists and household names including the late Walter Hawkins, Dorothy Norwood, the late Rev. Timothy Wright, and T.J. Hemphill.

Through mentoring and example, community service is just one of the ways Bill gives back. In 2000, he opened “Moss Academy of Music,” where area students receive a mix of one-on-one and group lessons in piano, organ, drums, guitar and vocals. Both students and teachers alike travel near and far to not only learn, but also hone their craft at this in-demand family-oriented music conservatory.

Mindful of today’s digital age, Bill concedes many aspiring artists’ path to (overnight) success is via a free smartphone app and/or YouTube® tutorial. With a goal to course correct that thinking, he stresses “shortcuts won’t cut it” and online videos are no substitute for personal attention. As he pursues his call to support and develop young musicians, more than ever, he is committed to providing a Godly example and message that returns them to their community to teach, work, serve and, most importantly, give.




Testimony of Praise

  1. 1. Testimony of Praise


Your Will (Featuring J Moss)

  1. 1. Your Will



Brand New Day

  1. 1. Brand New Day


Celebrate Our King

  1. 1. Celebrate Our King


You're The Only One

  1. 1. You're The Only One




Songbook of Praise & Worship

  1. 1. Celebrate Our King

  2. 2. You're the Only One

  3. 3. Our Home

  4. 4. What Makes You Great

  5. 5. Lord Have Mercy

  6. 6. I'm Changed (Intro)

  7. 7. I'm Changed

  8. 8. Change My Heart

  9. 9. Love Lifted Me

  10. 10. Higher Than All

  11. 11. Great I Am

  12. 12. Your Will

  13. 13. I Rise



His Majesty

  1. 1. Just Another Day

  2. 2. His Majesty

  3. 3. Holy and Righteous

  4. 4. Our God Reigns

  5. 5. Atmosphere

  6. 6. Testimony of Praise feat J Moss

  7. 7. Keep Me Every Day

  8. 8. Some Day We'll Meet

  9. 9. Great Is Your Faithfulness

  10. 10. Christ the King

  11. 11. Is Your All on the Altar

  12. 12. Reveal

Manifested Favor

  1. 1. Piano Intro/Yoke of Bondage

  2. 2. Power Of Praise

  3. 3. Manifested Favor

  4. 4. Awesome

  5. 5. The Greatest One

  6. 6. You Deal With Me

  7. 7. Rebuild the Walls

  8. 8. The Struggle (Reprise)

  9. 9. Giving it Back

  10. 10. By Your Spirit (Prelude)

  11. 11. By Your Spirit

  12. 12. The Struggle

  1. 13. Hymn Medley

  2. 14. I'm Determined

  3. 15. Almost Over

  4. 16. Made Me Glad

  5. 17. Bonus Track-Prayer of Jabez